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Foreign Relations  ≠  War


It is vital that we have open and honest communication with ALL nations. When all is said and done, we are more alike than unalike. We can have open dialog with nations that have different values and customs. They do NOT have to conform to our standards or customs. We can learn from one another. We can accept our differences.

It is also much easier to elevate a general standard of living when $ 100s Billion is used for human need instead of destruction.

If a nation is our friend, we are less likely to shoot them. If we are trading partners, we are even less likely to shoot each other, because we depend upon each other.

Let’s just keep the lines of communication open and TALK…

I will fund dialog with every sovereign nation.  Please consider the folloiwng useful links

Diplomatic Priorities

Regional Hegemons

Iran (below)

The Americas


Historical Allies

All EU Nations

ALL other nations

Putin-Trump July 16, 2018

I cannot believe the response from beltway residents. Don't poke the sleeping Russian bear.

Mr Trump is RIGHT this time. Russia is a better partner than target. Why is this so hard to see (in DC)?

Treaty of Amity 1955 (with Iran)

[Oct ‘18] As this is newsworthy, I wish to comment. But, keep in mind, foreign relations is a duty thrust upon The Senate. They must reply-to/confirm the Trump administration action.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has NO jurisdiction over the United States. Its verdict is irrelevant. The ICJ cannot “rule” on a bilateral treaty between Iran and the United States.

Is it right to cancel a treaty because Iran objects to an embargo against them?  This seems like a second insult. The first slap is the embargo. The second, walking away from a treaty of amity (friendship). The reasoning of the US to cancel is deeply flawed. Yet, it may be a proper response… delayed nearly 40 years.

The hostage crisis between Iran and the United States (1979) was a break in amity. Iran was designated as a state sponsor of terrorism by the US Department of State in 1982. Did the break of amity occurr around 1979?  ... OR look into the 1953 Iranian coup d'état... (just before the Treaty of Amity - 1955).

Even with this divisive history, it would be far better to have diplomatic ties with Iran, or an attmept – a future trading partner, NOT a military target.


Foreign Relations

Foreign relations should follow President Jefferson’s declaration:
“ peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entanglements with none.” - First Inaugural Address

I will NOT fund any foreign war, nor intervention of another sovereign nation. The Senate has responsibility for propoer foreign relations.

This formula works with all nations, including DPRK. [June 2018]



Why is there always a rush to war?  NO!  War is the gravest human failure.

If they don’t do it our way or act in our best interests… we crush them?  OR try to?  What nonsense!

Nations at peace can engage in...


Voluntarily exchanging goods and services enriches both parties – every time.

Free trade raises the standard of living for both participants. We are better-off when we can acquire goods from another nation that has a Comparative Advantage. We benefit from their abundance/expertise. Likewise, we can enrich them.

Life if better with variety:

  •   Tropical fruits from around the world
  •   German bier and automobiles
  •   Russian vodka and caviar (or so I’ve heard)
  •   French wine
  •   Hockey and curling … from Canada
  •   Japanese electronics
  •   Cuban cigars
  •   British rock… at least the 1960s and 1970s…
  •   Food and customs from around the world

Mutual benefits promote...


Do I really need to contrast friendship with mistrust, hatred, and war? If an explanation is needed... just vote for someone else.

NO Entanglements

The affairs of a nation are the business of that nation, and theirs alone. We don't accept dictates from our biggest creditor China. We don't implement demands from our neighbors Canada and Mexico. We categorically reject all foreign influence.

Why do we think another nation would accept our interference/meddling?  News flash … they don’t!

Each nation is sovereign and responsible to address the needs of its own citizens. It’s none of our business.



Life, Liberty, Property!

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