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Just Do Something?

“grave threats to liberty often come in times of urgency,
when constitutional rights seem to extravagant to endure”

Thurgood Marshall, reflecting on Lincoln’s suspension of Habeas Corpus


The last two "major accomplishments" of the federal gov't are shining examples against just doing something. Both are flawed and will create ripples of unintended consequences.

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (2017) has already aggravated the massive federal debt [April 2018]

The "Affordable" Care Act (2010) cannot overcome its fatal flaw.

Implementing flawed "fixes" is often worse than doing nothing. Then requiring bloated bureaucraZy, adds insult (and co$t) to injury.

Keep in mind, everything mandated by gov’t is a choice taken away from citizens.


Do What?

Follow The Constitution:

Reason, NOT Emotion

Have you made an emotional decision lately? One amidst chaos? Has that decision served you well?

In most cases, emotional decisions do NOT work out well.

Look at our politics and gov't "action". Most of what is done is knee-jerk emotionalism. What would happen if we applied reason and logic to governance?

I'm willing to take a try...


The federal gov’t is too big. It tries to do too much.
What it does, it does poorly.

My Vision

I envision the federal gov’t one-quarter its current size - a serious reduction. Then free citizens and the sovereign states do what has been usurped by the federal gov’t.



Life, Liberty, Property!

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