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To be clear, education is a LOCAL CONCERN. It is NOT an arena of federal intervention.

K thru 12

Elementary education is funded by local property taxes - by parents, residents, and business in the community. It is obvious that these benefactors should have influence in the schools they fund.

The prevailing pressure to attend college is panning out to be an invalid de facto social attitude. Not all students are interested in a college education. Not all citizens need a college education. Early education should also include introduction to the various trades and other occupations that do NOT require a Bachelor’s Degree. Many responsible citizens do NOT have to have a college degree.

You want to improve elementary education? Volunteer to serve on your school’s PTA, your school district, or your city council. Make a difference on the front lines.

Teachers’ Unions

When teachers strike, IMHO, it seems is it more about the teachers than the students. If this is the case, the educational system is badly broken. We must first and foremost do what is best for the upcoming generation.

To be fair, teachers are underpaid. They provide more social benefit that professional athletes, celebrities, lawyers, and hedge fund managers. This is a tricky market-correction that has NOT occurred. With public schools being part of gov’t, I’m NOT sure how to free schools and teachers to become as a valuable commodity in the Free Market.

Is there a more valuable commodity than a good education?  I cannot think of one.


In Texas, 52% of public funds are spend on education. The benefactor, taxpayers should have influence on curriculum and operations of these state institutions.

Private colleges (without state subsidy) are responsible to their Board of Regents and benefactors.


The Federal Gov’t?

Because of funding, the federal gov’t should have NO influence upon K-12, nor colleges and universities. The Buck stops locally, with the benefactors.

As such, I advocate closing the federal Department of Education (DoEd). The $68,000,000,000 currently budgeted to be applied against the massive federal debt. Another federal agency/program should NOT benefit. The savings are a meager step to reduce out-of-control federal spending.

Race to the Top?

Race to the Top (RTTP) (2009) is the current program of DoEd. It has awarded federal funds to 18 states (…NOT all 50 states). The first Phase gave money to only 2 states. This program clearly does NOT benefit all states, and more importantly it does NOT benefit all students.

These awards are based on meeting criteria/standards developed by DoEd. Centralized one-size-fits-all standards do NOT account for regional differences, let alone local differences. Once again, the federal gov’t is picking winners and losers (and influencing what your child is taught). RTTP is wrong and should be discontinued.

Student Loan Crisis

The Student Loan Crisis is yet another example of the federal gov’t making a mess (when it “intends” to help).

The cost of homes and cars provide insight to student loan debt. All three commodities were “made affordable” with the availability of loans. As lenders extended more debt, producers and builders were just as eager to raise prices. Additionally, as demand was stimulated - Econ 101 and The Market… prices naturally increased.

There is $1,500,000,000,000 student debt because the federal gov’t encouraged/guaranteed student loans. The regulated/restricted institutions asked for more… and got it. If there was more completion in the education market there would be natural pressures to keep costs down. We need a solution that introduces competition in the secondary education market. Amidst, massive debt and regulation, I cannot fathom a quick, nor painless solution. Yet, our children need a way forward.

It is obvious to me that the federal gov’t must exit all facets of education. The quicker the better.


First Public School in US

Benjamin Franklin created the first “public” school system in the United States. If was funded by Philadelphia business men and community leaders – privately funded.

All children were invited to learn and be assessed for further education. Students that excelled were asked to attend advanced training; only the best and brightest to advanced training. The benefactors would then have skilled apprentices to bring into their business.

It was a private (Market) activity to train the next generation in the evolving economy. It was NOT a taxpayer-funded operation in its early inception.

Private systems of instruction and apprenticeships are badly needed today. Let business that benefit invest in the next generation and the system. He who benefits should fund the task at hand.

Our Founding Fathers were visionary men with great ideas. We would benefit by re-adopting their studied thinking.



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