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Candidate Forum – Jan 17, 2018

The League of Women Voters, Dallas County chapter, hosted a candidates’ forum for US Congressional District 24. Candidates included 4 Democrats, NO Republicans, myself, and 2 other Libertarians.

General thoughts:

The prepared questions seemed to:
  1.   Request federal assistance for issues that should be addressed by Texas
  2.   Infer federal legislation or federal “action” to become the remedy

My responses left most issues for the Texas Legislature to consider. I also advocated for smaller federal government … again, focusing on local and state-level action.


The Questions:

1 - Universal Healthcare?

NO. Health insurance with high deductibles is NOT healthcare. The “Affordable” Care Act was NOT the right way to address the high cost of health care.

There are other ways to reduce healthcare costs, like ease licensing requirements, “allow” alternative treatments, and reduce regulations on the certification of healthcare equipment. Every gov’t regulation (federal, state, and local) on healthcare adds cost.

The long-term solution is to increase competition in healthcare. For gov’t to fully remove itself from the patient-doctor relationship.

2 - Should Cannabis be a Schedule 1 Drug?

NO.  But do NOT legalize cannabis… decriminalize it. The prohibition of alcohol ended with Amendment XXI; similar decriminalization should occur for “controlled” substances. All public impairment should be treated the same as DWI/DUI. Those who cause injury or damage property should be held accountable.

There are numerous instances where the federal gov’t wrongfully intervenes into private affairs.

3 - More (federal) Funding of Education?

NO.  K thru 12 is funded by local property taxes; parents and the community have authority. Most states spent nearly 50% of state funds on public colleges and universities. The states have authority with secondary education.

There are few educational institutions under federal authority - Washington, DC schools and military academies.

4 - DACA

I advocate Open Borders, with the following provisos – NO federal benefits to immigrants, each state to decide, “C3” Sponsorship – details

5 - Move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem?

As this involves another foreign nation, this is a matter for the US Senate, NOT the House of Representatives.

However, I am inclined to NOT appropriate funds to relocate an embassy. Any embassy move should be at the request of the host nation and also be undertaken by a large majority of other hosted nations.

6 - How to Eliminate Gerrymandering

Voting activities and mechanics belong to the states, NOT the federal gov’t. This is a decision for Texas.

7 - Is there (widespread) voter fraud?

I do NOT know. Like the previous question, this is for Texas to investigate.

8 - TRS and Social Security

If taxpayers have had federal payroll taxes withheld, they should receive the associated Social Security benefits. TRS participation should NOT diminish Social Security benefits.

9 - The National Homeless Crisis

Homelessness is a local condition, even though it is widespread. Each community must decide what can or should be done. Another panel member thought Austin has a “good” program.



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