Less Gov't = More Liberty!

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I will make better decisions for myself and for my family
than a bureaucrat in Washington, DC.

I guarentee it!


Amendment IX

The cornerstone of our Constitution documents We The People as the full and final authority in governance. These rights are NOT granted by gov't; however, gov't is established to zealously defend those rights.

” The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” – Amendment IX
... NO wiggle room, We The People are in charge.


End Federal Meddling

“Grave threats to liberty often come in times of urgency, when constitutional rights seem to extravagant to endure.”
   – Thurgood Marshall, reflecting on Lincoln’s suspension of Habeas Corpus

WE make the following decisions. The federal gov’t has no authority to influence, nor to dictate:

AbortionResponsibility and Consent
Cannabis and Hemp
Disaster Relief  **
The EconomyTrust the Free Market
Education  **Details
ElectionsThe process belongs to each sovereign state
Healthcare DecisionsRepeal ACA - do NOT replace
Infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc…)   Those who benefit should (privately) fund improvements
The InternetNO gov't involvement, nor control.   Free Speech!
MarriageWe do NOT need gov't permission
Opioid "Crisis"?Do NOT accept a prescription for an opioid
"Privacy" on Social MediaUnderstand everybody can see everything - post what is safe    
Public Unrest/Convulsions  **Like Las Vegas, Charlottesville, Ferguson...
Retirement Decisions
Sanctuary Cities  **Discussion below...
School Safety  **Each school district to decide... Is it time to home school?
Term Limits?You already have the power! Do NOT vote for an incumbent.

** community issues

We The People are sovereign.

Self-declared "elites" have usurped decisions and unconstitutionally federalized them. It is time we forcibly say NO.

Derangement and “Control”

Are voters, at present, deranged? Do the elected intend to “control” those who elected them?

Why do WE let this happen?

The Alternative

We The People must decide via voluntary exchanges in the Free Market.


”Always have a bias towards Freedom” - Judge Andrew Napolitano

Would You?

I imagine, most citizens would NOT choose to participate in the following if given the choice.

a.Social Security   info 
c.  The "Affordable" Care Act (ACA)       info   

IMHO, these 3 programs are overly complex and woefully inefficient. They are NOT good legislation.

If given the choice, most US citizens and residents would NOT opt-in. These compulsory programs are flawed and outdated. They only exist because of stolen taxes and coerced “participation”.

Liberty! demands that We The People should make our own decisions and then also make our own arrangements.

I advocate that citizens can opt-in to a gov't program; they must NOT be compelled to "participate".


People, Pebble, Power

The proper relationship of The People and gov't is like a pebble and a pond. Until the pebble enters the pond... the pond is quiet.

We The People are the pebble. Until we act (to make waves) gov't is still. The gov't is a servant to The People. It is NOT the other way around.

If neighbors can work together to resolve a situation... an optimal solution has been found. If members of an HOA can find a solution... goodness. If a community/city can reach an acceptable solution, tranquility continues. NOT every situation is a federal case; most situations should NOT be...

Gov't is a servant that acts when it is approached by its citizens. The pond is placid until the pebble breaks the surface. The local wave of gov't is approached first. Larger gov't is only approached if a solution is elusive... or hardly ever!

Sanctuary Cities

The federal gov’t does NOT have authority over cities… NOR, over individuals.

It is most unfortunate that the federal gov’t can threaten cities by the withholding “federal” funds for refusing a federal mandate. This is a bigger problem that can be solved by severely reducing the size, scope, and reach of the federal gov’t.

Constitutionally, it boils down to Amendment IX

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."
We The People are the final authority, NOT gov’t edict.

As WE need help, The People reach out and engage gov’t… the Pebble. WE are the sovereign and gov’t is the servant.

San Francisco and Phoenix have different philosophies concerning immigrants. It’s okay.  Each city must be able to make decisions that best serves its citizens; either to be a sanctuary city and or be a city resistant to illegal immigration. The People of each city to decide – NOT a distant, federal gov’t.


OUR Liberty

Make no mistake, Liberty! is inherently ours. It is NOT granted by gov’t. The Bill of Rights merely documents what we have.

Gov’t is established to protect OUR Natural Rights. They work for us... NOT the other way around!

The US Bill of Rights is the greatest expression of individual sovereignty in history. Please become familiar with the advance of individual liberty.

Know OUR history of Liberty!

I Charter of Liberties1100 AD
II Magna Carta1215
III Mayflower Compact1620
IV Petition of Rights1628
V Habeas Corpus Act1679
VI English Bill of Rights1689
Amendment I
Amendment II


Give me Liberty. That's it. I can handle the rest.



Life, Liberty, Property!

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