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Issues Comparison

The differences between Democrats, my campaign / Libertarians, and Republicans


TopicDsMike Kolls (L)Rs
Personal Responsibility?No, it takes a villageYESYes
Smaller Gov’t? NOYes, much smallerNo, need bigger military
Liberty! Trust Citizens?NOLiberty!Sometimes
Should Gov’t “Solve” Problems? YESNO. People solve problems.Sometimes
Free Market to Solve Problems? NOYESYes, many situations
Follow the Constitution? Hell NOMike - Yes
(L) Follow a subset of the Constitution
Strong Sovereign States? Only if the federal gov’t
threatens Socialistic programs
The People lead
... then limited local gov't
Taxed Enough Already? NOMike - Yes, but need to pay the massive
federal debt first
(L) Taxation is Theft!
NO, need more military spending
Financial Responsibility? NOYESOnly when Ds have a majority
Pay the Massive Federal Debt? Hell NO Mike - YES, as we shrink gov't
(L) yes, after shrinking gov't



Life, Liberty, Property!

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