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Recent Noise


[Sept ‘18] Much media attention during the 60-day run to the mid-term elections is Noise. It does NOT address issues facing the nation, nor details of proper governance. It is misdirection and fuss-and-feathers… noise.

Nevertheless, because it is prevalent, a comment is appropriate.

Of, By, For

A gov’t of The People, by The People, and for The People… should have NO secrets from The People.

So, what deserves congressional action?  Please review my actions for Congress.


Kavanaugh SCOTUS Hearing

From a seat in the House of Representatives, this is a matter for the Senate and their procedures and rules. I do NOT know what the Senate defines as “advice and consent” concerning a SCOTUS candidate. However, I may be asked to fund investigations. As a keeper of the federal purse, I will safeguard tax dollars entrusted to me. I will reject funding excessive investigations.

Who do I believe, Judge Kavanaugh or his accusers?  My opinion does NOT matter. This is a matter of law and for the Senate.

AND, the practice of the using the Court of Public Opinion is dangerous. It only stirs up more emotion and division.


Security Clearances

There are two discussions around federal security clearances:
  1.   Too much information is included/hidden
  2.   Appointees from prior administration do NOT need access

Too Much Information is Hidden

We The People rule. Gov’t was established to defend OUR Life, Liberty, and Property. How can gov’t possess information NOT pertinent, nor available to We The People?  It defies definition.

IMHO, the only information that should be withheld from The People is during a war formally declared by Congress. Information about military strategy and troop movements, if released, could endanger our bravest citizens. Compromising our warriors (in a rightly declared war) is unconscionable.

With that said, once a battle is concluded, troop movements for that battle are NO longer secret and should be released. And at the conclusion of the war, the strategy is NO longer secret. THE PEOPLE have a right to know what was done on our behalf and with (extorted) tax dollars. Make this information public.

All other information currently hidden by the federal gov’t is property of The People. It cannot be withheld; release it.

A federal gov’t with MUCH LESS metadata is less susceptible to cyber-attacks. It also has a lower cost of warehousing the (now unnecessary) data. This is a good time to end NSA surveillance of US citizens.


Information that may embarrass federal officials and appointees should be released. Again, We The People should know who is serving the public and who is abusing that privilege. BTW, we all make mistakes, especially those on public display. If the mistakes are honest mistakes, the public will forgive. If the mistakes are intentional, the appointee(s) should be uncovered and censured (and hopefully removed).

Prior Administrations

Appointees from a prior administration/term NO longer serve. They should NOT have access to war related information (see discussion on Too Much Info above). They should NOT have a security clearance.



Fellow citizens on our East Cost have endured a true human tragedy. I am sympathetic to their struggle. The affected families need compassion and help. As you are able, please help them.

But, this is a matter for neighbors and local authorities, NOT the federal gov’t. First responders and other concerned citizens are there on-site and can better address needs and struggles of fellow citizens shaken by this destructive hurricane.


Mueller Probe

This belabored federal probe stinks of spectacle, much like the Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearing (above). We The People should have good governance, and NOT constant, salacious drivel.

As a keeper of the federal purse, the duration of this ongoing investigation must be assessed. Is it properly spending taxpayer money or is it wasting it?  At present, I do NOT know… but I need to know.

Perhaps, similar probes should only be given funding for a specified period of time. If the investigation lasts longer than anticipated, the probe must approach Congress for additional funding.



Life, Liberty, Property!

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