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Caravan and Pipe Bombs


[Late Oct 2018]

The timing of both events is suspect. But, are things what they seem?  Shouldn’t the facts be sought and an informed judgment be made?   Will appearance affect the mid-term elections just 2 weeks away?  Very suspect…

If this is merely politics, I’m disgusted!! Please, prove me wrong.


Following my position on immigration there is NO alarm. Each border state (and interior states that welcome illegal immigrants) have time to form a plan and marshal assets to implement it. States open to immigrants can put in place processes and logistics to integrate the new arrivals. States resistant to immigrants can erect barriers and other defensive measures or bollards.

If Texas becomes the caravan’s goal (instead of Cali), are WE prepared?  El Paso? Other border towns? San Antonio? Austin?

Send federal troops to the border?  NO. A response from Texans and the Texas Legislature?  Yes, that is the proper response.

Pipe Bombs

All faceless cowards should NOT be given power. The terror they incite is gravely wrong and amoral. The influence that this terror can instigate is criminal. Why don’t they unmask and openly stand up for what they believe?  A “cause” absent a visible leader… pathetic!!

Shame on the populace if they are intimidated by these faceless COWARDS.

Please, do NOT assume the identity of these bad actors. The terrorists could make sizeable political gains if we react emotionally. When they are identified and prosecuted, criminal charges and other censure can be pursued. WE THE PEOPLE (and our “leaders” on our behalf) must NOT act rashly. There will be time to deal with these faceless, cowardly terrorists.



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