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Congress... for The People

The federal government is too big and tries to do too much.
What it does, it does poorly.
- Mike Kolls


Article I Section 8

Article I Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States enumerates the tasks delegated to Congress by The People.

Section 8 is a finite list. The master list of tasks/authority is referenced by Amendment IX, the cornerstone of our Constitution.

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."
- Amendment IX

Full and final authority resides with WE THE PEOPLE.


Proper Legislation

“Grave threats to liberty often come in times of urgency, when constitutional rights seem to extravagant to endure.”
      Thurgood Marshall, reflecting on Lincoln’s suspension of Habeas Corpus

The limited authority given to Congress should also be viewed thru the following criteria.

"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws." - Plato

"Each law creates new criminals" - Mike Kolls

As a US Representative I will only vote for legislation that:

  1.   Aligns with Article I Section 8 of The Constitution of the United States
  2.   Aligns with US Federalism (details below)
    •   Amendment IX – final authority rests with WE THE PEOPLE - the cornerstone of our Constitution
    •   Amendment X – Sovereign States may do what the federal government cannot… with authority from WE THE PEOPLE
  3.   Is an available option for each citizen - NOT compulsory
  4.   Requires NO funding from the Sovereign States
  5.   Benefits ALL United States citizens - NO statutes with/using protected classes
  6.   Applies to ALL United States citizens, including Congress, its staff, and the Executive branch - nobody is above the Law
  7.   Is veto proof - passes both chambers with two-thirds affirmative vote
  8.   Has a clear sunset identified - active for only 5 to 8 years

If gov't cannot "act" because of the constraints above, how does anything get done?  The Free Market!


For The People

NOT every situation is a federal case. Individual citizens have full and final authority.

Social issues belong to THE PEOPLE and their community.


For The House of Representatives

First, The House is the "keeper of the purse". All federal appropriations must come from The House and be approved by The House.

I will NOT fund anything that increases the size, scope, or reach of the federal gov't.

Second, the following list is delegated to The House for action:

PriorityResponsibilityMy Position
#1Security Diplomacy first, NO more foreign wars.
Common Defence is defending our soil, our shores, and our waters.
#2Federal Debt Balance the budget and pay off the massive federal debt.
#3Veterans' Care Our bravest citizens deserve proper care for injuries caused by combat/service
#4"Affordable" Care Act   Full REPEAL!  Do NOT replace. Healthcare is a commodity, NOT a right - additional info
#5End NSA Surveillance Shut it down immediately. This is a gross violation of Amendment IV.
Bear Arms"... shall NOT be infringed." Period.
Global Warming
Climate Change
The science is NOT settled. Concerned private parties should conduct the research, NOT gov't.
Electoral CollegeRestore the original Electoral College (a lower priority)
Free Speech Without restriction, even offensive speech. Do I really have to comment on this??
Immigration NO federal benefits, sovereign states to lead - details
Legal Reform Laws should only compensate for injury, stolen property, or damaged property.
Sharia Law US Law and Sharia Law are incompatible and cannot be enforced simultaneously
Taxes NO new taxes. Reduce income taxes when the federal debt is reduced to less than $ 10,000,000,000,000.

Neither force of Law,
nor military force

If you don't see an issue listed above, check out the list of social issues reserved for The People.


For The Senate

The Senate has primary responsibility for all activities involving other sovereign nations.

However, as a keeper-of-the-purse, I can influence Senate decisions. I will NOT fund international programs/activities that diminish or challenge our national sovereignty.

InfluenceResponsibilityMy Position
#1NO Foreign WarI will NOT fund any foreign war. I will fund proper defense of our soil, our shores, and our waters.  War with The Islamic State? NO. Afghanistan? NO. North Korea? NO. Any other nation? NO.
#2NO SanctionsSanctions are economic war. They also arbitrarily hurt US exporters (10%± of US GDP).
#3 DiplomacyI will fund ALL outreach/dialog efforts with ALL nations
#4United Nations *Reduce funding by 85%. Relinquish all leadership chairs. The UN should leave New York City
The UN has NO authority over the United States; we are free to voluntarily attend/participate.
ImmigrationA domestic issue, for The House
JCPOA, a.k.a.
Iran Nuke "Deal"
No. Iran did NOT sign JCPOA. Discontinue US led 90 day recertifications.
Iran is a fellow sovereign nation - diplomacy, NOT coercion.
NATO"Let" European nations defend Europe. Reduce funding by 90%.
Paris Climate Accord *    No. It does NOT curb China, nor India. And... the science is NOT settled.
TariffsNO. Tariffs increase prices of foreign goods. The taxes passed on to US consumers.
TPP / TPIP *NO. New global tribunals/courts are counter to United States sovereignty and bad for US businesses.

* challenges to US Sovereignty


The United States

Again, relations with other sovereign nations are the Senate’s bailiwick. Nonetheless, I will NOT fund any infringement upon OUR sovereignty or the sovereignty of any other nation. Mr Jefferson’s declaration (right) is my starting point for foreign affairs.

We, the United States, are NOT the world’s policemen. A hard lesson, but a certain truth.

We are also NOT the world’s problem solver. A lesson we are learning… I hope...

“ peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations,
entanglements with none.”
– Thomas Jefferson
, First Inaugural Address

National security would be more effective if we approached ALL other nations as equal, sovereign nations… to pursue them as trading partners, NOT as military targets. We are NOT mercenaries, nor thugs. Foreign affairs are NOT military adventurism/engagements. Cooperation is far more effective than conflict.

US Exceptionalism

US Exceptionalism should be by example, NOT via coercion. Being a global bully does NOT make us exceptional; it just makes a bully.

How does invasion, destruction, and occupation advance the brand of the United States? IMO, military adventurism just makes us a bigger target and fosters additional mistrust, tension, and anger.

We need to showcase our Freedom and unmatched opportunity. Our entrepreneurial, can-do spirit is what makes the United States exceptional.


Separation of Power

US Federalism / Strong Sovereign States

Federalist Papers # 42 thru 47 detail the shared authority between the Sovereign States and the common federal Union.

Remember, the states formed a confederation, the federal Union - a confederation, NOT a consolidation. This arrangement has been obliterated by Progressivism and the march of BIG gov't.

I advocate a return to strong Sovereign States.

The highlights from these crucial writings of the young republic.

# 17
  •   The new federal government would not divest states of their authority.
  •   States to administer ordinary administration of criminal and civil justice
  •   Agriculture is subject to local legislation
# 42
  •   The federal Union is given enumerated duties by The People
# 44
  •   The last resort a remedy must be obtained from The People
# 45
  •   The States will retain, under the proposed Constitution, a very extensive portion of active sovereignty
  •   The States will address:
    •   Ordinary course of affairs
    •   Concern [protect] the lives, liberties, and property
    •   [Provide] Internal order in times of peace and security
# 46
  •   The federal government will be disinclined to invade the rights of the individual States
  •   Unwarrantable measures of the federal government may cause the people to refuse cooperation
  •   State governments, with The People on their side, would be able to repel the federal army
  •   The powers proposed for the federal government are little compared to those reserved to the individual States
# 47
  •   Accumulation of power into the same hands is tyranny

Our next Supreme Court Justice?

The Federalist Papers


States Own the Voting Process

If (a yuge if) the veracity of our voting process is at stake, look at the systems in place. Harden system(s) that is at risk. This is easier and creates less political waves… and exactly why it will NOT be done.

Per Shelby County v. Holder (2013), SCOTUS agreed that sovereign states own voting processes. It deemed portions of the Voting Rights Act (1965) unconstitutional.

Hardening the voting technology is a state concern; it belongs to each of the sovereign states. Texas to decide what is best for Texas. This solution may be different than California’s solution. It’s ok.

This puts the following issues upon The People and their state legislature – NOT usurped to the inept federal gov’t:

  •   Whether residents (and aliens) can vote in addition to citizens
  •   Is state-issued identification required?
  •   The system/technology used to collect votes – paper ballots, election sites, online voting, …


The Federalist Papers and Federal Law

SCOTUS decisions (thru 1986) cited The Federalist Papers ("Papers") 244 times. It is evident, the Paper's authority is recognized by SCOTUS.

In this light, the Papers are also a definitive understanding of other constitutional provisions.




Life, Liberty, Property!

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