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Mr Trump's Report Card

After 18 months [July 2018], Mr Trump gets a “D Plus”; some good decisions cancel his poor decisions.

He still scores low against my priorities... just another BIG Gov’t guy.

Does #MAGA now mean Make American Gov’t Absolutely yuge?


My CommentsGrade
   Liberty! He is quick to use force to “advance” his agendaD
   Better Politics He reacts viscerally – he has NO restraint, nor tact.
Tweets and other responses are personal and unfiltered.
   Follow the Constitution    He says he will defend our Constitution, but there is no real action.
We still have NSA surveillance and discussions about gun “control”.   
   Smaller Gov’t There is occasional small gov’t rhetoric, but no real reduction    C minus   
   Spending Cuts The TCJA has doubled the annual deficit F


Trump 17½ - Swamp 25

I see minimal draining. The Cabinet and federal bureaucraZy are stuffed with Swamp monsters.

There is insufficient effort towards local control.

  •   America First!
  •   NO more nation building
  •   Justice Neil Gorsuch appointment
  •   Repeal of ACA’s Individual Mandate… starting Jan 2019 - half credit     
  •   Bilateral agreements/treaties, NOT multilateral "deals"
  •   General skepticism of the World Trade Organization (WTO)
  •   Fire federal workers who do NOT serve The People
  •   Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord
  •   Withdrawal from Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  •   Demands to European nations to “step up” NATO funding
  •   Timid defense of Amendment II - half credit
  •   Exit JCPoA [May '18]
  •   Right to Try Act [May '18] (... choice!)
  •   Justice Kavanaugh nomination - a Textualist! Double bonus.
  •   Meeting with Mr Putin - partners, NOT adversaries - Double bonus!
  •   EU to be tariff free - half credit, intent ≠ results
  •   Ending the assault on coal
  •   Most cabinet appointments are Swamp monsters
  •   Bombs, bombs, and drones
  •   Failure to repeal ACA (do NOT replace!)
  •   Tax “Reform” that accelerates the already massive federal debt - double demerit
  •   Unnecessary military build-up
  •   Inflammatory bluster towards China - threats over South China Sea "islands"
  •   Inflammatory bluster towards Russia
  •   Demanding a denuclearized North Korea (NOT diplomatic)
  •   Steel and aluminum tariffs
  •   The &#@&!#) border wall
  •   Federal troops to southern border
  •   Threats to sanctuary cities
  •   Moving US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (unnecessary agitation...)    
  •   Keeping Attorney General Jeff Sessions
  •   Dismissing Sec of State Rex Tillerson
  •   Re-imposing sanctions on Iran - double demerit
  •   Russian sanctions [Aug '18]
  •   Space Force?  Really? - double demerit ($$$ and aggression)
  •   Trade Deal with Mexico - includes wage controls and auto sourcing edicts (both wrong)   
  •   Federal measures to "combat" interference in elections (... it's a state issue)
  •   Tariff threat as "bargaining" chip with China [Sep 2018] - double demerit



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